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July 12, 2005


Andy White

Oh my, this one is going to blow up in the Dems face soo bad! The leak leads to Judith Miller who is sitting in jail. She's protecting someone and it sure isn't Rove!

My guess - Joe Wilson or Valerie Plame. Won't that be a hoot!


Interesting theory, but why would Joe Wilson or Valerie Plame reveal that Valerie was in the CIA, thereby ending her career (or worse)?

Also, there is nothing to say that Rove wasn't also Miller's source - she also received approval to reveal her source from the source but chose to go to prison on the principle of the matter.

Regardless of who else might have leaked the information, however, Rove crossed the line on an issue of national security. So where is the conservative Republican outrage? Or does national security only matter when it fits the Republican agenda?

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